Gates Professional Engineering specializes in creating solutions for management of site storm drainage.  When new constructions are planned that change the ground surface type (example from grass to roof), the State or Local Jurisdiction require a site drainage permit. Gates Professional Engineering will support this effort by completing a Technical Information Report (TIR) or Drainage Report for submission to the State or Local Authority for permit.  Included in this effort is the design parameters required to meet the local code which including storm water runoff analysis and resulting site detention needs. 


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More than 29 years of construction delivery with more than 9 years of design together provide a foundation for the most constructible and cost effective site design solutions.

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Design/Custom Solutions


We Perform:

Site storm water modeling via HydroCAD.

Storm Water Runoff mitigation design.


We Prepare:

Technical Information Report 

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We interact with site designers to ensure runoff criteria is contemplated.





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